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16 January 2010 @ 07:53 pm
Yakimix, MOA  
Because of our bitin Jap dinner over at Sugi in Greenhills the prior night, I asked my mom if we could have our friday night pig-out in Yakimix. I was craving for MORE sashimi, that I even browsed thru my iPhoto archive in search for the otoro maguro that we ate unlimited when we were in Tokyo. I had to satisfy myself even in pictures, lol!

the high fat content gives the otoro cut its light pink color

all the cuts 

We had the extravagant "otoro" which usually sell for $12/ small matchbox slice in Ginza. It's the kobe beef of fish meat. I'm really lucky because a Japanese uncle who is a sashimi connoisseur ( he's a published offshore sportfisher too - appearing in several fishing magazines and websites in Japan), handles all the trucks that transport the prized Bluefin Tuna and other saltwater species to the main market of Tsukiji, that's why he has THE connections. He was able to purchase the frozen slab (the first picture above) at a discounted price of ¥20,000 which is roughly Php 10,000.  

Now back to Yakimix.

We arrived early because we didn't want to go through what happened during our first attempt to eat there. This is their rate:

I was quite surprised to see a separate Left Over price. What if I didn't like the food?

Their teppanyaki spread. Mom said it was all bacon and cheap slices of meat. 

korean, japanese and pinoy sides ( kimchi was too salty!)

viands of all kind ( i dunno if i was a grumpy eater that night ha, but every thing was too salty for me)

this is just a part of their sushi/sashimi offering. most food on my plate came from this section.

their dessert section

They have this freezer full of Magnolia Ice cream. It's ice cream all you want! 

Now onto my plate:

Plate #1: Various makis and sashimis plus the ebi tempuras I fed the little kid

Plate #2: More salmon sashimi, yakisoba, asian vermicelli, spareribs and paella valenciana
(food occupies only half of the plate, all except the salmon were too salty!)

what's on the grill

I had to bribe the kid with these ice cream toppings to stop frisking around

An additional Php55 for the drink all you can sodas and juices

I only had room for the popsicle above and a couple of pastries for dessert


With the price range of Yakimix, this smorgasbord newcomer is a decent place to spend pig-out days with the barkada. While the choices are limited to asian cuisines (mostly Japanese, Korean, and Pinoy), it's still not a considerable alternative to restaurants which specialize in the said cooking.

So, if it's a hungry night for you and you need to feel disgustingly satisfied to your guts, then Yakimix will suffice. If you prefer quality over quantity though, might as well head to your favorite Japanese, Korean, or Pinoy resto and order your Php580 away.