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02 October 2012 @ 03:48 pm

While most know I say no to the negative, please bear with me this one time when I say that the past month was a fuck up. I was all over the place and September didn't measure quite well with what I had intended it to. So imagine my relief when the clock ticked to the first of October -- not that it would magically change and make me forget everything, but it is a great excuse to trick the mind that things will get better.


To celebrate, I was able to take my first leave from work evarr and spent it with my amazing work buddies! Yey for temporary, non-weekend freedom! Didn't really realize I needed the relief from work-related stress until after that day, haha! I used to believe ranting about the job was just an excuse to gain sympathy from other people, and now it's taking its toll on me. *bitch-slap-to-myself* 


Going to Tagaytay without eating bulalo is a sacrilege!
Thanks for this new find D! Finally found the best bulalo that's not from Leslie's! )


Savoured the cold winds white downing hot cups of chocolate and caffeine.


There's really nothing alcohol can't cure.
( Sorry D & I, I just had to post this to immortalize the fun I had with you that night! )

And it didn't end there, of course.

Back story first. You see, yours truly is a clumsy monkey at heart and was already feeling dopey one day after work that I stashed my tumbler inside my bag.  The unreliable lid (err the unreliable me) wasn't sealed and I spilled water over everything inside, including my HTC and blackberry. My HTC was able to survive it, thank heavens. Tough luck for my well-loved BB, it absorbed everything.  So friends, if you've been calling/texting me on my Globe line and I'm not replying, well, that's the reason.  I'm too tamad to change sims! I'm using a prepaid Smart sim now and I don't even know the number I'm using. Haha. Message me in fb or something. 

So yeah, back to the story. My friends have been texting me since monday, asking how I was and stuff and I haven't been replying. Good thing, tried to contact me through Viber (I still use my Globe number there!) and told me she was in the country for a layover! Instant lakad, yey! With no sleep yet from the following night, I headed to the hotel where she was billeted and had an all-nighter bonding with my girls! And just like last time, I'll spare you the details of what we did. Hahaha. 


This happened till 6am!
I didn't sleep till I went to work! Imagine how ngarag I was!


See you on my birthday girls!

24 September 2012 @ 04:31 am
Hi. I'm Sarah and I'm a TED-o-holic. Bawls.

I was introduced to TED.com back in '08 and I've been hooked ever since. It's been a dream to attend at least one conference but for now, their videos on youtube would have to do. It just awes me how certain people can be as thought provoking and inspiring, talking on stage in just under an hour! 

Here's one of the funniest (complete with A/V) about insanity. Enjoy!

03 September 2012 @ 10:59 am

Oh paradise
it might take a decade of OTs to afford you,
but I won't mind.

I will see you. SOON

16 July 2012 @ 02:45 pm

The comfort of old friends will never be matched by a gazillion new ones. There's a certain bond between people whom you share the past with, and I think it's that value that collectors are willing to pay for when bidding for priceless things.

When the fudge was this? Two thousand and SLIM!

I can say that I am quite blessed with the set of friends I have. We don't often see each other, as we all have our own lives now, but everyone is just a call away -- when somebody needs a hug, or somebody has an important event in her life. So last month, our needs coincided with each other (M is home for a vacay, my pre-employment despedida, and ... well, she just needed a hug -- love you D!) Special thanks to our generous benefactor for treating us with another urban escape. ♥ you E.

That friday morning, we headed to the nearby highland (Tagaytay) where we were reserved to stay for the night. The plan was to just let loose and be the little girls we all once were (plus the thirty or so pounds, hah!), and catch up with each other's lives. M brought the Bacardi and D, the entertainment.

After settling in and resting for a bit, we wasted no time and explored the city. First stop was Ilog Maria where I hoarded scented soaps!

I love how the whole place smelled like fresh lavender.

Next stop was Sonya's Garden for their freshly-baked breads :)


And then we had a much-craved dinner of bulalo over-looking the volcano at dusk.



Went back to the hotel a wee bit early so we decided to get a massage and had our knots kneaded. Reached heaven until we headed back to drown ourselves with the booze. That's when the real fun started. And yes, I will spare you the details because it was just.. DISGUSTING. Haha! Amazing what one bottle of liquor can do to a person! I don't go well with alcohol anymore, apparently. F*ckin' happy times.


So I dove into the bed face down that night, and I honestly could not remember a thing ( except for some tidbits E witnessed while we were skyping!). M had a few disturbing shots on her camera (bawls!), and at that instant, I promised myself never to drink Bacardi again. Woke up the morning after and headed to the hotel breakfast alone ( both were as hammered as I was because they consumed EVERYTHING). They woke up just before check out and we headed for some coffee at Bag of Beans. Made a few trips to buy pasalubong and went back to our respective lives after.



24 June 2012 @ 08:00 am

I know I said that I will go back to writing but the sudden onset of my "new life" set me back a bit. And as the title says, I have come to  conclusion that: one, I'm not superwoman; two, that 28 is the new 40; and three, life is just waaaaayyy busy right now that I can barely handle it.

I've been trying my best to coordinate my corporate, family and social life (if there's any), but it seems all my efforts have been -- well, futile. Marrying the night is not an easy task, more so dealing with financial reports from corporate heads around the world. I still am  weaning into the whole process and I am learning to love it one day at a time. It's a bit tough, but heck, it's called work for a reason right? On the plus side, I'm very fortunate my company compensates fairly well, and that should shut me up every pay day.

Work-wise, sitting in front of a computer all day leaves me loath to do the same when I get home, so my focus has turned from ogling through anything online, to just... well... SLEEP. The usual 8 hours-or-so of sleep I used to take for granted is now a LUXURY. Unfortunately, this particular source of "pleasure" eats up even my weekends (mostly at times when the sun is up) and the lack of anything to do or anyone to talk to when I am wide awake is only aggravating my nasty case of ogling online. Funny how that works!

As far as leisure time goes, it is now limited to playing with my little kiddo, and spending a few hours at the mall - yes, the MALL. My little one has been ranting why I'm always asleep (I feel guilty every second) and as much as I want to play with him when he comes home from school (yes, he started!), my body just says no. See my transition from being a definite carefree princess to a 100%, true blue corporate slave? Growing pains!!!

Finally, I'm back to commuting, and to/from a totally different place (Ortigas yuppie here!). Reminds me of my college days when I was my stingiest, braving the jeepneys and LRT rides along Taft Ave. I like it, sans the pail-load of sweat I perspire. I love being with people, sitting with strangers, wondering how their days went, observing how they are and such. But sometimes, the comfort of arriving fresh at work wins me over so I bring my car (err, as long as my budget can suffice it).

The last bit of news that I have is that... I finally bought myself a smartphone (first time mo?). Lol. It's no big news but yeah, I can take better pictures now with a spanking 8-megapixel camera without lugging my big camera around. G'bye Blackberry, you served me well! 

So yeah. Aside from being the absentee mess that I already am on my life events, that's pretty much it.  

17 May 2012 @ 10:17 pm

midas hotel

I have, for the longest time, been intrigued by the newly refurbished hotel that replaced the old Hyatt since it opened. The imposing lights amidst the dead scene just lures my eyes every time I drive by. So when DG offered an irresistible deal for an overnight stay, my generous benefactor (thanks mahal!) bought one for me.

midas hotel

The old Hyatt lobby was unrecognizable (my mom liked hanging out at their ground floor cafe all the time). The lobby was as posh as Victoria Beckham, though I found the "Hermes-esque" boxes and the display of designer bags a bit tacky. Now don't get me wrong. I like how it felt when I entered (esp. with the courteous reception that we received) but the overall look can be nakakasawa and may need an update in time.

It was busy when we checked in, and I later found out that they were hosting Ms. World Philippines (candidates and organizers) in the hotel. No wonder I was not granted my request to be billeted on the women's floor as all the rooms were occupied. But nonetheless, I felt happy when I entered my room for the night.


I heard rooms on the Manila side of the building are much larger than the ones on the other side, so that's a tip for you if you're planning to stay there :). 

midas hotel

Here's little T dwarfed by the humungous king bed.

midas hotel

The LCD screen behind the sliding mirror.

midas hotel
Moi and the little one.

midas hotel
My dad should have seen this!

midas hotel
The very masculine (and tight) bath.

midas hotel
Aigner Bath products.

midas hotel
Our balcony.

Had dinner in the room with my folks that same night as they bade us goodbye before they head to their annual panata for the Peñafrancia. Then in the morning, my sister drove straight from work to have breakfast with us at the Midas Cafe.

midas hotel

midas hotel

Food was yummy (loved the scrambled egg and the cheese selections!) and we stuffed ourselves enough till lunch. Lol!

midas hotel

midas hotel

Went down to the lobby to experience the grandiosity and took photos of the kid on expensive Furnitalia...

midas hotel

... and Poltrona Frau! *cue in jologs moment, lol!* And then we went back to the room to relish a few more hours of luxury.

So how did it fair?

PROS: I loved the service. They really go an extra mile just to please you. It was a first for me to be escorted from the car to the room. The executive room I stayed in was very spacious and the aesthetics were really praiseworthy. While I'm not new to staying at boutique hotels (W in SD is the best so far), it carved a really good impression on me.

CONS: Internet through wifi was free, but the signal was weak. I reported it to the front desk and they loaned me a LAN cable to plug into the wall - but it didn't work. An hour later, my signal got better and I was informed that they just reset the router.

I'm not a fan of shower over the bath, but it doesn't bother me as well. The size is enough for asians, but not to most of western guests.

They're still working on the pool and the executive lounge but they have this note on the table: 

midas hotel

(Sayang, I was not able to avail of the other offers because the 'rents brought too much food!)

Last, I checked their website's virtual tour of our room and noted that ours didn't have the Phillipe Starck ghost chair and some lighting fixtures. Not that it matters because I still loved the room but it would've been awesome if all their rooms had that chair at least. Lol.

OVERALL: I give it a 3.5 out of 5. Loved every second I was there, and as I said in the guest survey, I would definitely come back.

17 May 2012 @ 10:01 pm


Continuing my urban escape posts from my now defunct (err...alive) LiveJournal, the bf and I purchased another deal online for an overnight stay at Hotel H2O. This time though, we spent it as a send-off to our first ampon, Booboo.

hotel h2o

hotel h2o

This was our room. Lovely, ain't it? The kids might have gasped a lil when we peeked at the celebrated Aqua room but our view in this room was definitely better than the aquarium. We were going to the Oceanarium anyway.

hotel h2o

hotel h2o

hotel h2o

Not for friends, unless you're super duper close, haha! Great for lovers who fancy body silhouettes though.

hotel h2o

And because we have such water-crazy kids, we headed straight to the pool. It was a hassle getting there since it was outside the complex. They did not even last an hour because the water was freezing cold. 

hotel h2o


Went back to the room to dress up and had dinner at Gerry's grill just downstairs. 

Around 7pm, we watched the musical fountain show - Once Upon an Ocean. They gave out those cute plastic ponchos to shield us from the rain. The li'l one and his kuya Boo were all eyes on the show!


hotel h2o

The annoying music stayed in my head the whole night.

hotel h2o

hotel h2o

We headed back to the room to call it a night. I was just as tired but I was scheduled for a massage at their in-house spa. The massage was so-so. Manang was mostly missing the knots on my thigh area, but I was already too dead beat to complain. Slept through the whole session and was awakened when it was time to transfer to their heated negative-ion room (where I slept again! Arrgh!). 

hotel h2o

Yes, all the kneading triggered the hungry monster in my tummy so I ordered this for room sevice! Gahd, I'm such a glutton! (See the hidden mickey?)

hotel h2o

I woke up to the sight of the Philippine Dragonboat team practicing in the rain.

hotel h2o

We had breakfast at MakanMakan ( it used to be called Makansutra).

hotel h2o

Fairly decent spread for breakfast.

hotel h2o

And what do y'know? Dimsum is included!

hotel h2o

Of course the kids only fancied this section.

We went back to the room to meet my dad who went to check on us and tagged along  Nelva so she could come with us inside the Oceanarium. The kiddos love her!

hotel h2o

hotel h2o

hotel h2o

But as they say, all good things come to an end, and end it did. Just as we were to exit the first floor of the oceanarium, the little one stumbled over one of those frames where you put your head into for pictures. It was made of a metal and was not balanced so the minute Lester put his little head on the hole, it got knocked over along with his fragile little body. I rushed over to see blood dripping from his nose bridge. We had to bring him to the vaccination clinic in the mall because Manila Ocean Park doesn't have a clinic. They did first aid to the kid and I was relieved when the doctor told me he won't need stitches. Sigh. 

hotel h2o

We checked out the sea lions before we went home.

hotel h2o
Here's the kid who looks like he just had his nose done.

16 May 2012 @ 04:13 pm
Ok, so yeah, I slacked on writing after I discovered the convenience of Tumblr. I guess I became too saturated with the thought of having to write something and the ease of just copying a pictured quote of what I feel offered a literary respite. But then looking back at the entries I have there did not bring me emotions. Not reminiscing material at all. 

Then I remember, I documented a few events that never made it here. So for my second project for this blog's resurrection, I will try to dig down into memory lane and jot down the most that I can recall. In the meantime, let me entertain you with my latest youtube addiction : THE CRYSTAL MAZE

If you're a 90s kid like me, then you probably know this.
This is the Survivor / Amazing race of our era! Haha.
15 May 2012 @ 07:34 pm

So along with my comeback comes my hunt for a better "blogging" camera. I'm not saying I don't love my Canon 400D+battery grip+24-70mm+580EXII(which I only use sometimes) but the thing is just too taxing to carry, not to mention too dorky for a girl like me. Imagine the weight of this monster on my neck.

I've been salivating over my sister's Nikon P300  but after I came across this blog (I'm such a fan of anything kawaii, esp. this Pinay in Japan), I fell in love with her photos. So I rummaged through her entries and saw that she's using a Nikon J1. The website  says it's compact and highly portable, plus it gives that almost SLR-ish photos. It comes in white too! ACK! I'M IN LOVE!!! 

So far though, I'm not reading good reviews about it, which is really sad. Mediocre sensor resolution is not good news to me, and I'm not even being too technical about it. So I'm still considering one with a micro four thirds system. I just hope the white body doesn't win me over. 

Either that or I (or somebody, wink!) get myself this badass camera phone! 

It might mean SACRILEGE for an Apple fan like me, but if it shoots scenes as stunning as this...
   THEN    I'M SOLD!
15 May 2012 @ 05:46 pm

They say love is sweeter the second time around. Given the love and effort (err) I put in the past entries, I do hope it applies to blogging as well.

After reading the things I've chronicled in the past, and a few "you should go back to writing" from a few inspiring people, let me surprise you with the news that...


Now give yo momma a kiss

I missed archiving important events, and I regret not writing about the simple pleasures and what-nots of the past year.
I'm crossing my digital fingers now and hoping that the love and hate bug of being too public about my life doesn't bite me.. soon, at least. LOL. 

See you around =)

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